Simple and free Meta Tags generator tool

What is Open Graph

Open Graph is a free open graph tester tool to analyze and generate Open Graph meta tags, also known as OG tags, code for any website. This tools is built with Vue JS and Nuxt over the weekend as a coding exercise. Meta tags enable search engine and social media networks to get the right information of your website and show a better preview of your website visually.

It's not a completed project yet, I plan to add text analysis that would help me and you, probably, to share more positive messages that would drive better conversion and shares.


Below are the list of tools and resources I've used to build Open Graph:


My name is Yuyu. I am a front-end developer working in sunny Singapore 🇸🇬.

If you have any feature suggestions for Open Graph, you can send me a tweet at @swsalim or email me at

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